• Inspection standards for medical masks

    Medical protective mask It complies with the GB19083-2003 “Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks” standard. Important technical indicators include non-oily particle filtration efficiency and airflow resistance: (1) Filtration efficiency: Under the condition of air flow ...
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  • The impact of the new crown epidemic on China’s foreign trade and exports

    The huge national foreign trade system has been affected In February, the decline in China’s total trade exports became more obvious. Total trade exports fell 15.9% year-on-year to 2.04 trillion yuan, down 24.9 percentage points from the 9% growth rate in December last year. As a developing...
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  • Advantages of the application of crawler transport vehicles in agriculture

    Overview Small Track Transporter_Track Transporter is ingenious, small in size, flexible and lightweight in steering, and better adapts to a variety of complex scenes. For fruit farmers, crawler trucks are needed to solve a large number of fruit and vegetable handling problems. Therefore, it is i...
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  • Varieties and performance requirements of rubber tracks

    Perface Rubber track is rubber and metal or fiber material composite of ring tape, with small grounding pressure, large traction, small vibration, low noise, good wet field passability, no damage to the road surface, fast driving speed, small quality and other characteristics, can partially repla...
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  • Analysis of the current situation of the rubber track industry

    Rubber tracks are tracks made of rubber and skeleton materials, which are widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and military equipment. Analysis of the current situation of the rubber track industry Rubber tracks were first developed by The Japanese Bridgestone Corporation...
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  • Traction view of rubber tracks

    Abstract(1) The relative merits of pneumatic tyres and conventional steel tracks used on agricultural tractors are studied and a case made for the potential of rubber tracks to combine the advantages of both. Two experiments are reported where the tractive performance of rubber tracks was comp...
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