Quality Control

Quality control starts immediately with arrival of each batch of raw material.

Chemical analysis and checking ensures material’s proper performance.

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To minimum production error, each worker in the production line has training course for 1 month before officially producing for orders.

During production, our manager with 30 years experience patrols all the time, to ensure all procedures are followed strictly. 


After production, each and every track will be carefully observed and trimmed if necessary, to present the best quality product that we can do



Serial No. for each track is one and only, it is their identification numbers, we can know exact production date and worker who built it, can also trace back to exact batch of raw material. 



Upon customer’s request, we can also make hang card with specification barcode and also serial Number barcode for each track, it helps customers to scan, stock and sell. (But Usually we don’t supply barcode without customer’s requests,not all customers have barcode machine to scan it)


Usually we load rubber tracks without any packages,but according to customer’s request, tracks can also be packed into pallets with black plastic wrapped around to make loading/unloading easier, meanwhile ,loading qty/container will be smaller.