Quality Control

Quality Control

We have specialized in the production of rubber tracks and rubber track blocks for many years. The factory has many years of manufacturing experience and has a very strict and precise quality inspection team and production process. We will be your long-term trustworthy partner!

Our quality control begins immediately after each batch of raw materials arrives. Our quality control colleagues perform chemical analysis on each batch of raw materials to check for proper performance. When there is no problem with the inspection indicators, this batch of raw materials will be put into production.


In order to minimize production errors, we will conduct strict training for each worker, which means that every worker on the production line will undergo a one-month training course before officially accepting production orders.

During the production process, our managers with 30 years of experience are constantly inspecting to ensure that all procedures strictly follow standards.






After production is completed, workers and managers carefully inspect each rubber track and trim it when necessary to ensure the highest quality product we can.

In addition to this, we must emphasize that the serial number of each rubber track is unique, this is their identification number, so we can know the exact date of production and the worker who built it, and also trace it back to the exact raw materials batch.

According to customer requirements, we can also make hanging cards with specification barcodes and serial number barcodes for each rubber track to facilitate customer scanning, inventory and sales. (But usually we don't provide barcodes without the customer's request, and not all customers have a barcode machine to scan it.)


Finally, usually we load the rubber tracks without any packaging, but according to the customer's requirements, the tracks can also be packed on pallets and wrapped in black plastic to facilitate loading and unloading, and the loading quantity/container will also be smaller.

This is our complete production and packaging process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!